BMC Software Office, Pune

BMC Software, Inc. is an American company, one of the first to specialise in Business Service Management (BSM) software. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a European base of operations in Amsterdam and serving the Middle East from its base in Singapore, it also has offices throughout the USA and in Tel Aviv and Pune. Founded in 1980, they now have market coverage in 120 countries, 6500 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of $2.2 billion.

The Project:

Traditionally, BMC had always utilised CFL lighting. The premises we upgraded utilised almost 5000 lights in an area of 175,000 sq. ft., with a lighting cost of Rs 900,000 per month. Add to that the high maintenance cost and the fact that they could only achieve LUX levels no greater than 170 at workstation level. Our task was to give them clear and concise information, informing them of the cost savings benefit and to assure them of the highly skilled and professional capabilities of our Company which would make them choose us to carry out their requirements.

The Proposal:

Having researched our client’s needs, we proposed a 5 year lease deal on replacing CFL lighting to LED’s, where we would absorb the initial investment cost to lease the system to BMC. In return, BMC would save a minimum of 65% on their lighting bills, would achieve a LUX level of 300 at their workstations and would have no major outlay for the changeover. All maintenance for the duration of the contract would be our responsibility. For our part, we would accrue 70% of the saved amount through lease fees, BMC keeping 30% after leasing fees.

The Challenges:

We would have to deliver on our guarantee of a saving of 65% on BMC’s lighting costs and achieve a much improved LUX level at workstations. We would have to minimise maintenance costs and convince the company of the economic benefits of the deal. We would have to absorb the initial capital investment of the project and ensure a trouble-free installation with minimum disruption during the retrofit of the present lighting. Assurances would be given that there would be no damage or disorder during installation and no compromise on the aesthetics of the work.

The Work:

We made a presentation to Management at BMC’s base in Pune. Following this we arranged a technical demonstration. A full energy audit was carried out to calculate current expenditure and projected possible savings. Currently the monthly expenditure was Rs 900,000 with a minimum monthly maintenance cost of Rs 20,000. Two identical training rooms were selected – one with CFL lighting and the other was fitted with an LED system. A third party test was conducted to assess the lighting load consumption of both rooms. The tests showed 70% less consumption in the LED fitted room. The LUX level of the LED room was 350 – around double the CFL set up. The aesthetic appearance of the LED room was far superior to that of the CFL room.

The Outcome:


BMC understood the financial benefits of our proposal, so a contract was signed and an installation date set. We were able to reduce the number of lighting units from almost 5000 to 2400. The installation went smoothly, with no interruption to the daily routine of the premises. A complete retrofit was achieved in less than 8 days. Post-installation checks showed a reduction of 70% in the lighting load, with a saving on the cost of a minimum of Rs.600,000. It was also found that the air conditioning load was reduced by more than 10%, as LED lighting dissipates 50% less heat than traditional CFL systems. These overall savings went straight to BMC. The average LUX level at workstations is now 350, making the comfort level for employees.


For commercial companies, expenditure on energy consumption is increasing on a daily basis. We provide a solution where the capital investment is nil, the technology is at its best and the savings start from the first day of our LED Panel installation with absolutely no maintenance cost to the client.