Printing Consultant

We Review and understand the needs of Our client and look for ways to maximize the effectiveness of their printed products. We can do this by making suggestions to reduce costs or by providing ideas to make the printed piece more effective.

Efficient  Solutions

We do this on individual jobs, but more importantly, on the overall print requirements for the entire organization. We have worked closely with companies to evaluate their total printing costs and recommend ideas to either save money or improve the effectiveness. In most cases we can provide solutions for reducing obsolesence and thereby minimizing valuable warehouse space, providing alternative paper and size selections to reduce direct costs, and suggesting print-on-demand solutions for improved workflow and just-in-time inventory management.

Cost Control

Some other ways that our printing consulting services can be used are:

  • A complete review of your entire organization print and distribution costs;
  • To plan a “Just in Time” program to get your print materials into the hands of your distribution target when required, with predictable budgets, and more controllable outcomes;
  • Evaluate document warehousing as a method to reduce your overall printing costs by having your materials stored and shipped directly.