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Uranus – All New SSL Technology

The future of lighting is called SSL. Solid State Lighting is expected to grow to more than half of all residential and commercial fixtures in the next few years. Tackling new designs and converting your existing luminaires and fixtures to SSL requires new technology and new expertise. The Uranus SSL System is designed to facilitate the transition from traditional light sources to new electronic LED lighting fixtures.

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Uranus Solid State Lightning Design Compatibility

  • Modular Design Capability
  • Compatible To Solar Input
  • 12 V DC Direct Feed
  • RF, IR, WiFi Control Options

Uranus SSL System modules are designed as building blocks

ssl_image1333The Uranus LED SSL system covers all components necessary to build a luminaire, from LED modules over optics, drivers thermal management systems and wiring systems, and it is compatible with most standard dimmers.

Uranus LED modular system is a complete socket solution developed with the Korean Technology and in house design studio The new Uranus LED SSL System from Uranus LED technologies is designed to move luminaries manufacturers into this new world quickly, efficiently and reliably. This highly-engineered state-of-the-art, plug-and-play system relieves you of the electronic and thermal engineering tasks so you can focus your resources on what you do best.

Instead of a lamp socket (and possibly a ballast), the SSL fixture can include power conversion and control electronics, the light source and optics, interconnections and heat dissipation. The Uranus LED Solid State Lighting System from Uranus LED technologies combines all of these functions into an integrated, plug-and-play solution. This Design Orbit describes each of the essential elements.

The Uranus LED SSL System components are designed to meet both requirements. LED Light Modules (LLM) are offered in rectangular and circular configurations with multiple LED configurations. Drivers, cables, and connectors are designed with flexibility in mind. Heat sinks are offered to match every LLM. For circular systems, sockets and optics complete the job.

The SSL system budget simplifies fixture design and decreases opportunities for errors. Color coding confirms that the right subassemblies have been chosen. As you build your system, you simply check that the color codes match and that the total LLM budget is within the specific driver’s range.

The Uranus LED configurator allows to easily incorporate innovative lighting components into a customized system. Backed by Korean engineering expertise and available Three-year warranty, the Uranus LED configurator guides users to create an efficient solution, build a bill of materials and submit a project for a quote.

An evaluation tool is provided to confirm the thermal performance of every LLM in your fixture design. The evaluation tool includes PC software plus a thermal test board that matches the production version of the LLM.

SSL designer kits are available by application type : down light, wall mount and track, and additional Uranus LED system components for various lumen outputs. Each kit includes drivers, LLMs, heat sinks, wiring systems and technical product information which assists in the creation and validation of a designer’s luminaries design concept.